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As we already know, there is every kind of tourist, but what is even more complex, every tourist changes his/her likings and hobbies according to the time of year, mood, bank account or relationship status. Therefore, even if many imagine their ideal vacations in big or small bustling cities, it is also true that at some point in our lives we wish to hide in a rural house. And, you may ask, what is the ideal destination? Well, from Asiri we are always at your disposal for help. The Club Rural website posted recently the favorite rural destinations for travelers of the past year. Unlike what we could think, tourist does not only opt for inland destinations but also for coastline enchanting towns. By communities ahead are Catalonia (16%), Castile and León (15%), Andalusia (13%), Castilla-La Mancha (8%) and the Valencian Community (8%). As a picture (and a small description) is worth a thousand words. Here there are the Top Ten valued destinations by travelers in 2015.
  1. Cangas de Onís (Asturias)
[caption id="attachment_642" align="alignnone" width="400"]OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[/caption] Author With a population of about 6,500 inhabitants, this Asturian town is a dream for nature lovers. Do not miss the chance of visiting the Lakes of Covadonga, few kilometers from there.
  1. El Berrueco (Madrid)
El berrueco madrid Author Behind the Sierra de La Cabrera and just in front of El Atazar Reservoir, the town of El Berrueco, in the Madrid Community, is another ideal destination for rest, just 67 kilometers from the capital.
  1. Isla (Cantabria)
Isla-Cantabria-Espana Author A must-see place at the north of the north. It has lesser than 1,000 inhabitants, although that number increases in summer. It is a peninsula located between the Castellano and Quejo estuaries and the Cantabrian Sea, where there are beautiful beaches and coves. 4. Llanes (Asturias) Llanes Author An all-in-one. Tranquility, beautiful landscapes, excellent food and impressive beaches. Llanes, in Asturias, is a picturesque seaside town where was also filmed the recognized movie “The Orphanage”.
  1. Robledo de Chavela (Madrid)
Robledo-de-Chavela Author Another preferred destination in the Sierra de Madrid. Referred by some travel websites as “the Spanish Switzerland”, this town is located just 70 km away from the capital.
  1. Zarzalejo (Madrid)
zarzalejo Author In this 1,500-inhabitants small town, located west of Madrid, you can visit the many lookouts and also see part of the Aqueduct of Segovia. It is just 58 km away from the capital.
  1. Ribadesella (Asturias)
ribadesella ok Author Traversed by the most important river of Asturias, the Sella, this town won’t leave any visitor indifferent. The rural landscape mixes with the coves and beaches of this town which you have to write down on your calendar for the next vacations.
  1. Navaluenga (Ávila)
  [caption id="attachment_649" align="alignnone" width="400"]SAMSUNG SAMSUNG[/caption] Author It is located in the Vega Del Valle del Alberche, in Ávila. Ideal for a rural getaway in which you enjoy the nature to the fullest. Moreover, it can be done every kind of activities every time of the year.
  1. Prades (Tarragona)
prades Author Besides exploring the narrow streets and the old town, Prades turns the tourists crazy because of the beauty of its forests, waterfalls, caves and rivers. It is a nature spectacle.
  1. Candeleda (Ávila)
candeleda Author With soft winters and hot summers, Candeleda is located on the south hillside of the Sierra de Gredos in Ávila. Hiking and bath zones’ activities are the preferred by visitors.[:es]Como sabemos, existen todo tipo de turistas, pero lo que es aún más complejo, cada turista modifica sus gustos y aficiones según la época del año, estado de ánimo, de su cuenta corriente o de su situación sentimental. Por ello, aunque muchos imaginen que las vacaciones ideales tienen lugar en grandes o pequeñas ciudades con mucho ajetreo, lo cierto es que en cualquier momento de nuestras vidas deseamos escondernos en una casita rural. Y, os preguntaréis, ¿cuál es el destino ideal? Pues desde Asiri siempre estamos para ayudaros.