Project launch: Chameleon Hostel

Chameleon Hostel
Corporate Image, Online Image Development and Revenue Management Advice.
Marketing Strategy, Plan and Execution Marketing, Web Design


Chameleon Hostel was born in 2014 with a novel architecture and design in central area of Alicante with quite low prices. Our project was to give him a digital projection. 

Description of the actions

Shares for Chameleon Hostels are based on the development of their corporate image. In addition, the design developed for the brand is reflected both inside and outside the building.

We carried out consultancy work on the strategy in social networks, and we offered an innovative design adapting to the wishes and the business philosophy of the client. Finally, Asiri Marketing offered a “Revenue Management” service to determine the best offers for clients throughout the year considering the location and environment of the hostel.

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