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Chameleon Hostel born last year as an innovative and design hostel in central Zana of Alicante and very aseauibles prices. Our work consented to offer it to project a digital projection.


Chameleon actions in Hostel Were based on the development of Its corporate image desda the logo to inside the design and interior and exterior of hotel images and a fun and Engaging picture chameleon as can the center line of the message, ACCORDING can the public objective defined by the customer.

In Addition and in parallel definnion Offered advice on strategy in social networks, even Chameleon Hostel HAD Where no presence. Entorono In This sense, the activities taking place in the city and innovadaro and Design that the client Wished to project philosophy was taken into account. Finally Asiri Also Offered services from revenue management to determine the best hostel I Could Their offer to customers at all times of the year taking into account the Characteristics of Its location and environment.

  • Cliente: Chameleon Hostel
  • Acciones: Imagen Corporativa, Desarrollo Imagen Online y Asesoramiento en Revenue Management.
  • Website
  • Año 2014