(English) The online marketing strategy of your hotel from a SEO concept

For some more than others, it is important to be ranked well on the organic search results. Being visible in certain organic searches influences directly the results account, and therefore, it is recommendable not to neglect the secret weapon of the organic traffic. In Spain, the answer of what is the most generalized search engine is easy to get, although we must not be reckless and let’s worry about knowing what is the most used search engine in the market we are heading at, since we could be taken by surprise.

When we work the SEO of our brand in any sector we are working on, we must have clear that we are going to build it from two formulas. The first would be working the website’s SEO, to maximize its visibility regarding its indexation, and the other would be to work with linking strategies that would redirect web traffic to the website.

Our online presence has to be a little bit “obsessive” with our key words, since when the fight is as fierce as this one, we must have clear in our commercial and online marketing structure what the target is.

Going straight to the point, let’s see what solutions should be give to set the goals of the strategy to be developed.

  1. Goals: What are the goals we want to achieve with the organic traffic we generate? Most people will say to me: “Bookings” … this part is more or less clear, but for specific web searches we can also set secondary goals that will help us to get to the ultimate goal, which is always to hear the sound of the cash register, although without scaring the customers off. (It sounds vulgar, but when there are bills that must be paid there is other way to say it)
  2. Set the ideal buyer profile. Or as said by geeks, the buyer persona. It is a physical person or individual based on actual data. That person profile must be who must inspire the SEO actions, that’s why the company must fully know its needs and online browsing habits in order to cover its needs when browsing as well.
  3. Determine the key words. The goal of the keywords resides on defining what the terms the buyer persona puts in the search engines to find the solution to its needs or problems are. The goal of the strategy of every company consists on being able of being there to meet those needs. Therefore, we should set carefully which are those terms since big part of our effort and investment in online marketing will consist in strengthen our presence on already said keywords. In this part it will be essential to know who our competitor is and what are the keywords it uses, so as the keywords results volume we are betting for.
  4. Generate content in the traveler life cycle. We must center the content strategy with selected keywords both “statically”, which is the fixed content the website will have, and “dynamically”, which is the dynamic content generation through blogs, videos on YouTube, social media… We must generate content on a regular basis and fix the content pointing to the defined keywords on our buyer persona and the buyer’s journey, especially on the three first stages: Inspiration (TOFU), planning (MOFU) and booking (BOFU).
  5. External traffic acquisition. We must be example at SEO, with a balance of external links as Off page SEO technique. It is advisable to have in consideration that there are two types of links: the named DoFollow (that gives authority, as if it is about a positive vote, to the webpage they are aiming at) and the NoFollow (marked expressly with an attribute to not be kept in mind by search engines when transmitting authority to the website in question).

After reading this article we can get a global vision of how we must work the SEO strategy of our brand, in regards to be more effective with respect to the customer. A balance of technical knowledge, but especially of determination and specialization to our customer. I am confident that from now on you will have clearer this matter and as always, the final customer ends up better off.

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